Thursday, December 9, 2021

December 9--When in Rum... Squeeze and Suck

If you desire faith then you have faith enough.  --Robert Browning

    This is a very comforting quote. I have decided that I want to be here again next December with the gang, and I have faith that I can make that happen. 
    Yesterday was another day in paradise. No rain, lazing in the ocean and on the beach. My buds on the beach told me that while I was floating face-up on the mat in the water a huge (4-foot) stingray swam right by me. It was big enough that they saw it from shore. I think I'm glad I didn't see it!
    The highlight of the day was a sunset cruise on a huge catamaran. We went along the coast seeing lots of places to stay. Eventually the beach ended and the cliffs began. The boat dropped anchor by bat caves and the crew let us off to swim. The water was too choppy for me to feel like swimming the distance. I elected instead to go off the slide on the boat. It was great fun, but I landed mostly on the girls, so now I'm an A-cup instead of a C-cup. Just kidding. The tour guide on the boat gave me a stick of sugar cane--a first for me--and that's where "squeeze and suck" come in. That's what you do to enjoy the sugar juice. Yummy!
    A group pun here is "when in rum, do what the rumans do." The drinks were mighty strong on the cruise, the music was great for dancing, and things got wild on the way back to the resort. Line dancing, train dancing, too much rum, but not too much fun. 😉😉 I skipped dinner, crawled into my safe (not moving) bed, and read myself to sleep. 
    Now it's off to breakfast to make up for missing last night's dinner!

My morning lap-swim heaven

Lighthouse along the coast

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