Thursday, December 30, 2021

December 30--Growing Faith

Faith is not something to grasp; it is a state to grow into.  --Mohandas Gandhi

    Living makes us grow in faith, whether or not we care to apply it. If we are blessed with some degree of wisdom as we age, we learn evermore that there is very little in life over which we have control. I have to depend on Something Bigger than me to take care of all that. I've been a card-carrying control freak--I learned from one of the best--my mother. What a huge relief it was, mostly coming from the 12-Step program, to learn that I was not responsible for EVERYTHING. 
    Faith is a practice. It is easy for me to have faith in "small" things. But then there are BIG things, like will my sons live long, healthy, happy lives? It is tough not to worry about them. I must often remind myself that there is Something that loves them and cares for them more than I can even comprehend. There is divine order, a divine plan. I can relax (if I choose). 
    Growing daily,
From Illuminations at Botanica, Wichita

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