Thursday, April 24, 2014


     Oh, my, how just the right words, at just the right time, when I am at just the right level of awareness, so much becomes clear. And afterwards, there's that DUH! feeling, which to me is an indicator of some concept moving from my head to my heart.
     I was in a webinar last night with my magnificent mentor, Dr. Chris Michaels, and he was speaking of how everything has a lifespan.  Here's the quote he offered:
"Spiritual leaders know that everything has a lifespan. An approach or strategy that used to work perfectly in an organization will go through a period where it moves from totally effective to completely ineffective.  In the end, everything must change and everything that used to work, stops working.  Those who resist this natural phenomenon will become stagnant and immaterial.  Those who embrace it will adapt to change by creating new strategies and remain relevant."
     Everything, whether in an organization or life in general, has a lifespan! For years I have struggled mightily with the concepts of failure and disappointment. This idea of lifespan ends that struggle. I am completely content with the idea of things naturally and organically passing into other more dynamic things. Oh, yes, it's a DUH!, I realize. But it takes a huge burden off my spirit, and for that I am crazy grateful.
     Going with the flow,

Friday, April 18, 2014

Some Fun and Useful Stuff

     There's an app for that. Of course there is! This post is about some fun things I've found to be useful in terms of supporting my positive attitude in life.
     Using Google Drive, I've created several documents that show up both on my laptop and on my smartphone, which can be updated from either place, and the changes show up right away on the other device. I have three files I especially like and use daily:
     1. My goals--this file includes those, as well as my vision, core values, and my list of goals completed.
     2. A list of inspirational/motivational quotes.
     3. My Win List--this comes from Inspired & Unstoppable by Tama Kieves. It's a daily notation of successes and instances wherein the Universe has supported me. It's not a to-do list check-off, it's more powerful than that. An example: "Retirement planning meeting indicates we are in WAY better shape for retirement than we realized!" It's an awesome thing to see a long list of wins piling up.
     I'm training myself, for instance while sitting and waiting, to review these files rather than play a game on my phone.
     An app that's fun and useful is BugMe--you can create "post-it notes to self" that pop up on your phone at scheduled time(s) each day. It's a great way to keep affirmations or goals in front of you.
     Dang, why didn't I get a smartphone sooner?!?
Having more fun than ever,

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Inner Resources

This item is from The Tao of Leadership by John Heider, based on Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching:
     "To know how other people behave takes intelligence, but to know myself takes wisdom. To manage other people's lives takes strength, but to manage my own life takes true power.
     "If I am content with what I have, I can live simply and enjoy both prosperity and free time. If my goals are clear, I can achieve them without fuss. If I am at peace with myself, I will not spend my life force in conflicts. If I have learned to let go, I do not need to fear."

     I have been presented in several ways recently with the idea of living simply. As I get older, it seems that there is too much stuff around me that requires either a little or a lot of care. I prefer experiences, interactions, free time more than stuff. A couple days ago I met a super-friendly golden retriever out on a walk with his master. I was instantly his new best friend (though he had never sniffed me before), giving me again the gentle reminder that life is all about love, and that pretty much covers it.
     Living in love, loving my life,

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Here to Live and Love

These are the words of Rev. Bob Luckin:
"While you are here in this body, love, laugh, smile, and ask millions of questions. Sing out loud, especially where there is an echo. Dance as long as you can and walk until your feet will no longer move. Swim in the ocean, a lake, and a pond. Walk in a stream or river. Climb a hill or a mountain. Play in the snow at least once. Imitate a songbird, kiss a dog on the nose, and rub its belly with both hands. Listen to the rain and clap when you hear thunder. Laugh with a baby. Hold hands with someone special. Greet a stranger like a long-lost friend. Buy a cup of coffee for someone you don't know. Share a box of homemade cookies. Write a poem about love. Write a letter to someone you admire. See as many sunsets and sunrises as you can. Fill your thoughts with love and watch as they lift you and others. Dream the grandest of dreams. Speak to everyone who smiles. Greet strangers with warm eyes. Make up amazing stories and change them daily. When things don't go your way, change your way. If you fall down, stay down until you realize that picking yourself up is a choice you get to make."

Loving life, spreading joy,

Monday, April 7, 2014

Dancing in Church

     Say what? Dancing in church?!?!?
     I was at the Kansas City Center for Spiritual Living yesterday, and the Music Director, Monique Danielle, ROCKS! She has a voice that easily can transport one all over the emotional spectrum, from tears to leaping off one's chair to dance. She sang, "New Attitude," and trust me, this isn't a reserved, toe-tapping crowd--we jumped up to dance. What fun! Isn't Spirit within us a source of joy, energy, movement, celebration?
     What a blessed weekend I had, to be able to share the loving energy of this place and its inspired people. In case you'd like to check it out:
     Have an exciting week!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Springtime, green grass, heaven!

     I finally started the spring garden cleanup. From inside it looks like work, but once I get out there, I love it. It is work, but I love being outside in the sunshine and the satisfaction of physical labor, even though most of my effort goes into the trash (weeds, etc.). The earth has blessed me again with beautiful daffodils and the greenery of tulips I planted last fall. I can hardly wait to see what colors I bought! :)
     Even more bonus! Yesterday was opening day of baseball season. I LOVE baseball, primarily following the Cubs and the Royals. I feel great joy and gratitude at being here for another opening day. I'm excited to get to see a few games in person again this year.
     And yet another delight of this April--I begin next Tuesday teaching yoga at The Body Studio (it's the former InnerWorks yoga group) at 4800 West Maple, Suite 124, Wichita. With a new, permanent location, the directors are expanding the yoga class offerings, and we will be doing workshops, yoga series, and private lessons. Much potential there, just like the garden in springtime! The Body Studio's website (under development) is
     What about springtime is heaven for you?