Sunday, March 27, 2016

The REAL Reason Men Get Married...

... is so there is someone who will clean the science projects out of the refrigerator for them.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Continuing with the Mother Earth theme

     I'm reading a very interesting book about taking responsibility for one's own health. There are a lot of questions in it. The question that fits this blog post theme is, "Do you take walks, garden, or have other regular contact with Nature?"
     At the moment, Sunday is my only day off. I want to be lazy and watch non-stop basketball. However, I made myself go out and do more garden clean-up. I really do love gardening, it's just getting myself motivated to go outside. And guess what? I feel better. Fresh air, green grass, bright sunshine on my skin, loads of weeds in the trash, a feeling of accomplishment, an appreciation for the wide variety of growing things in our little spot of Mother Earth.
     Let's remember how good it feels to be in the sunshine, breathe fresh air, and move about in Nature. Our health and happiness depend on it!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Mother Earth

     I am blessed on my workdays that about 15 minutes of my drive to and from work take me through the glorious fertile farmlands of the midwest. In the past few weeks, it has gone from brown soil with the seeds preparing to burst to the rich emerald green of sprouted wheat. But this isn't the only beauty. These wheat fields stretch on for miles of relatively flat ground, leaving huge expanses of sky for the most awesome sunrises and sunsets one might imagine. Mother Earth truly is the finest artist!
     I am blessed to notice these things and appreciate them. It makes for a great start to a workday and comforting drive home. Can you find something of beauty on your way to and from work? Can you find something big and awe-inspiring to be curious about? Can you simply enjoy a full breath of truly fresh air? Mother Earth is full of treasures for us!
     Loving nature,