Friday, December 24, 2021

December 24--Peace Be With Each of Us

Peace is always beautiful.  --Walt Whitman

    Well, dear readers, apparently I forgot to actually hit "Publish" yesterday, even though the Dec 23 post was written and ready to go. So this is blog #2 for today...
    What an excellent quote for Christmas Eve! Please pause for a moment and take a couple of nice deep breaths. As surely as our breath is a constant, peace is likewise, if only we take a moment to tap into it. The area I am in has no likelihood of a white Christmas, yet I can imagine a late night snowfall, the silent settling of the flakes on the ground, trees, and colorful decorations, and the peaceful scene of a winter wonderland. Yes, it's always beautiful. 
    Let's allow beauty, kindness and peace to flow freely through us today. Joyful Christmas Eve to you!

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