Thursday, June 20, 2019

Pet Peeve, Great Read

     Because it is so easy to become completely depressed over the mess the current administration has made of most everything, I'm having a need to write about something completely trivial, a first-world problem, a pet peeve of mine.
     The subject pet peeve is the placing of signs apologizing for a problem rather than fixing the problem. One example of this is on Interstate 70 around Limon, Colorado. There are several signs indicating "Road Damage Ahead." Fix the road! Granted, the signs are cheaper than the repairs, but the signs do nothing to improve the situation. Another example is at the YMCA branch I use regularly. Yesterday there were numerous signs apologizing for the excess warmth in the women's locker room. I don't care if the powers-that-be feel bad about it or not. Fix the problem!
     I think I'm going to make up a bunch of signs for around my house: "I apologize for the fact that this room is dirty." Then I won't have to clean anymore!!!!!

     Moving on, I highly recommend the book, Becoming, by Michelle Obama. It is very well written and easy to read. It's a look into a world that is foreign to many of us: her growing up in South Side Chicago; her courtship, marriage and family development with Barack; and what it's like to campaign, then live in the White House as the First Family. The story of Barack proposing to Michelle is especially delightful.
     I apologize for not writing any more right now. 😛

Monday, June 3, 2019

Joy, Post 4

     This was my last morning (Saturday) for Dusty snuggling and belly rubs, as his peeps return today from NOLA. As soon as they arrive, it will be "Grandma who?" for Dusty.
     The band stayed at the Laporte house overnight, and Dennis started Saturday off well with a Starbucks coffee for me (visiting our younger son who works there) and a walk for Dusty. Dennis fixed us a lovely breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns and biscuits, yummy good.
     I headed just before noon to the Denver airport to retrieve my older son and his partner, back from a fun trip to NOLA. Driving on I-25 between Denver and Fort Collins is what I refer to as "running the gauntlet," so it's always a relieved joy to conquer it safely. It was so fun to hear about their adventures and to report that their doggie was a very good boy for me. It brings me great joy to see how caring and loving they are with each other.
     On Saturday evening, the sons, their girls and I went out to the favorite Mexican restaurant in Fort Collins to celebrate the 30th anniversary of our younger son's arrival on the planet. I love these kids more than life itself, so "joy" doesn't quite cut it to describe how I relish being with all of them. I love listening to their banter, teasing, adventures, trials, dreams and silliness.
     Sunday dawned an absolutely glorious Colorado day. Son Derek and I took Dusty on a long walk that included Dusty catching the frisbee and swimming in the Poudre River for stick-retrieval. I think that 8-year-old pup would keep retrieving till his legs wouldn't even hold him up anymore. For a golden retriever, fetching is pure joy, and his love is infectious.
     Since we couldn't get a tee time to golf, Derek and I just hung out for a few hours and talked. There are few greater joys for me than the conversations we have, covering a huge range of subjects and going down deep on many. It feels like we know each other better than I ever knew my parents. That pleases me so much.
     Derek's love was on the job at Whole Foods, so we went there to visit her and for a late lunch and beers. Yes, in radically-ingenious Colorado, the Whole Foods has a tap room, and you can buy a delicious meal from their many food bars and enjoy it with a beer there.
     In another example of joyful synchronicity, the sons are starting their own business, and Mom, who has been doing tax prep work for several years, has plenty of knowledge regarding businesses and taxes. So our ride to the Denver airport was an interesting Q&A about that.
     My flight back to Wichita was delayed due to storms, but I did get home safely, albeit two hours late. I had the forethought before I left to wash my bedding, so the final joy of this trip was crawling into my own clean bed for a lovely night's sleep.
     I hope these four "Joy" posts have inspired you to consciously recognize those times, often "ordinary" life-stuff, that ignite your joy flame. The more we notice, the better life gets.
     Joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart,