Monday, June 27, 2016

Whole 30: Days 25-27

     I did it--first time ever--went to a major league baseball game and did not have a beer. I went to a Royals game as well as doing other stuff in the Kansas City area (a 3-hour drive from home), and packed my food for the whole day in a cooler. I ate my lunch in the parking lot before the game, my own little tail-gater. Fortunately, it was not a terribly hot day--that would have made beer-resistance much harder. I also scored quite a few W30-compliant food items at Trader Joe's at reasonable prices. I wish we had that store in Wichita!
     I stress again how valuable it has been to plan 3-4 days ahead what I'm going to eat. This will help me stay close to the W30 plan after day 30. And two big sources of sugar in my past--Clif Bars (almost daily) and salad dressing (several salads a week), have been replaced by W30 foods that I like much better.

Day 25: B: HFVJ, 1 banana, blackberries
             L: green salad w salmon & pecans
             D: shepherd's pie, cherries
Day 26: (game day)
             B: HFVJ, 2 sausage patties
             L: chicken salad, cherries
             D: cashews & macadamia nuts, 1 apple w cashew butter
Day 27: B: HFVJ, 2 eggs, 2 strips bacon, sw potato, cooked in ghee
             L: green salad, mango
             D: shepherd's pie, applesauce

     I'm passing up a dinner outing this week on Day 30, as I checked the menu and there's nothing there that I can hope to adjust to fit W30, and I'm NOT blowing it on the last day! I am however, going to a musical event this week that encourages picnic suppers, and that's easy for me by now.
     Three days to really has gone by quickly. And I feel SO great!
         Whole & healthy,

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Whole 30: Days 22-24

     Less than a week to go. My golf outing where I brought my own W30 lunch proved to not be a problem at all, because it was so hot and humid that by the time we were done playing, I was so miserably hot, I was nauseous, and didn't eat anything at all. Granted, I might have killed for a really cold beer, but I convinced myself that they did not have any of my favorites, so it wasn't worth wrecking my W30. A beer at that point would not have been a smart choice anyway.

Day 22: B: HFVJ (home-made fruit/vegetable juice), pecans & cashews
              L: chicken salad, olives, grapes
              D: veggie salad w/ grilled salmon
Day 23: B: HFVJ, 2 eggs, 2 strips bacon, sw potato, cooked in ghee
              L: tuna salad, 1 banana, cashews & pecans
              D: chili, cherries
Day 24: B: HFVJ, 2 eggs, 2 strips bacon, sw potato, cooked in ghee
              L: apple w cashew butter, macadamia nuts
              D: shepherd's pie, cherries

     Something I'm quite curious about... since I've been on W30, I have been in several situations where mosquitoes were hugely abundant and other folks were getting chewed up, but I was not (and I had not applied bug repellent). Usually mosquitoes are all over me. I don't want to jinx this bonus, but could it be what I'm (not) eating?
     I said in an earlier post that I'm not really fond of cooking. It's dangerous! While making W30 Shepherd's Pie last night, I burned the length of a finger to the point of blistering. I tell you this not to tout my stupid move, but to let you know about healing. I put ice on it, of course, but once I was done cooking, I split a leaf of an aloe vera plant and bandaged that to my finger and left it on for the night. Not only did the burning ache go away, this morning the blister was completely dried up! It barely hurts at all. Morals of story: don't place hand on hot stove, and have an aloe vera plant handy!
     Lovin' life!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Whole 30: Days 19-21

     I'm over 2/3 of the way, still feeling great. This feels mostly easy, but it seems like I'm seeing WAY more ice cream ads lately. I can see that it is critically important for me to really feel how great I feel, so as not to fall back into poor habits. I must confess that the re-introduction phase makes me a little nervous at this point, since with as hot as it is outside, I am REALLY looking forward to a cold beer!

Day 19: B: HFVJ (home-made fruit/veg juice), mixed berries, cashews
              L: eggs, sausage, potatoes, cooked in ghee
              D: salmon, green beans, grapes
Day 20: B: HFVJ, pecans, blackberries, 1 strip bacon
              L: potato soup, asparagus, grapes
              D: chicken salad, 1 tomato, 1 apple
Day 21: B: HFVJ, eggs/sausage/sw potato, cooked in ghee
              L: apple w almond butter, cashews
              D: chili, blackberries & grapes

Not much else to report. An outing in the next three days complicates things a bit. More on that in the next post.
      Lovin' life!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Whole 30: Days 16-18

     18 days done, 12 to go. Still feeling great. One of the joys of summer is a fresh tomato, especially in BLT form. I used lettuce leaves for my bread, and found Whole30-approved bacon, and enjoyed that glorious summer treat tonight. So good, and I didn't miss the bread at all.
     I also made W30-approved sausage patties, and they are great. I needed something I could eat for breakfast on the go, and these will work great.
     One of the rules of W30 is that you do not, under any circumstances, weigh yourself during the 30 days. This is not a problem for me, as I don't ever weigh myself anyway. I refuse to let a number determine how I feel about myself. However, that said, I went pants shopping today (a rare event), and confidently pulled a smaller size off the rack, and they FIT!!! Gotta love that.

Day 16: B: HFVJ, 1 egg, 1 pork strip
             L: apple w cashew butter
             D: chicken salad in lettuce wrap, olives, blueberries & raspberries
Day 17: B: HFVJ, sweet potato, 2 eggs/ghee
             L: potato soup, 1 apple
             D: Thai chicken
Day 18: B: HFVJ, 1/2 banana, blackberries
             L: potato soup, 1 sausage patty
             D: BLT, grapes

     I'm not really fond of cooking. However, it's fun to try some new recipes, and to know that I'm supporting how great I feel and learning to make stuff that I'll continue to eat after the 30 days are up.
     I am so grateful to not be craving, especially sugar. I am satisfied with a moderate amount of food, and that's simply a miracle. I am grateful to discover new healthy things to eat. The freedom relative to food that W30 promises is coming true for me. My left hip continues to feel good, with the muscles beginning to loosen up that have been compensating for years. The W30 effort has been so worth it!
     Lovin' life,

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Whole 30: Days 13-15

     I'm half-way there!!! I feel great! I must admit that I am very tired of salad, so I need to get creative and come up with some different simple lunches. My sweet husband has been very supportive, and I am super-appreciative of that since he does a lot of our cooking. Planning meals in 3-day sets is working well.
    Wow, I'm learning how much money I spent on beer! Probably about $50 per month, and that's just a one-beer-a-day habit. I've been spending unused beer money on golf, a much healthier habit. However, don't get the idea I'm giving up beer! I'm headed to Ireland in July and I'll definitely have beer there!
     Today (Day 15), I swam laps, taught yoga, and played 9 holes of golf. Despite all that activity, my hip doesn't hurt at all. That is so huge, and a great motivator.

Day 13: B: Cashews, HFVJ (home-made fruit vegetable juice)
             L: Salad w applesauce dressing, olives, raspberries
             D: Chicken salad, lettuce (for wraps), apple
Day 14: B: HFVJ, sweet potato, 2 eggs/ghee, applesauce
             L: chicken salad, apple w cashew butter
             D: pork chop, asparagus
Day 15: B: HFVJ, cashews & macadamia nuts
             L: salad/applesauce dressing, olives, raspberries & banana
             D: tomato-based potato soup

      Reaching half-way is a big milestone, and I expect the last 15 days will zoom by.
      Celebrating health,

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Whole 30: Days 10-12

     I heard myself say on Day 10, "I didn't know it was possible to feel this good again." That's from being on W30. And, now that I know for sure, I report that I have had a case of shingles the entire time I've been on W30. So no matter how good the change of eating feels, I still have something going on that does not feel good. Fortunately, it's a mild case. I'm very curious about the timing of these two events (W30 & shingles), part of my body's cleansing process? I'll likely never know. Imagine how good W30 eating and no shingles will feel!

     Also, in the words-you-use-to-describe-something-matters category... I at last found "bacon" that is uncured and has no sugar in it. This product is known (at least around here) as "fresh pork ends." Sliced like bacon, looks like bacon, not "bacon." I haven't cooked it yet, will report when I do.

Day 10: B: HFVJ, pecans
              L: sweet potato, 2 eggs/ghee
              D: chicken/veggie stir fry in lettuce wraps, Sunshine Sauce, cherries
Day 11: B: HFVJ, apple w cashew butter
              L: berries, 1 hard-boiled egg, pecans (our electricity was out!)
              D: tuna salad, cucumber slices**
Day 12: B: HFVJ
              L: sweet potato, 2 eggs/ghee
              D: ground beef patty, broccoli, Sunshine Sauce

     ** This was my first time eating away from home since I've been on W30. I took this as a picnic supper to the Symphony in the Flint Hills. It worked great. It was a hot day where they were serving one of my favorite beers, so that was challenging. But I made it through just fine.
     Another key point relative to how good I feel... I noticed when I was walking a couple of days ago that my hips were swinging when I walked, like they are supposed to. My left hip had been achy for so long, and so "frozen," that I hadn't realized my hips weren't moving normally. What a treat to feel that natural movement again, without ache or pain! Now if the shingles will just go away!
     With the next report, I'll be HALF-way!!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Whole 30: Days 7-9

     I've hit the "I'm not hungry" point, I believe because I'm simply bored with all the W30-compliant foods I have around the house, of which there truly is quite a variety. My food addiction is rearing its ugly head in the form of "this or that would be way more fun to eat." W30 talks about craving vs. hunger, asking "Am I hungry enough to eat ________ (something dull like steamed fish and brussels spouts)?" If my answer is no, it's not hunger, it's a craving. Craving it is. Reminder to self: cravings and boredom won't kill me.
     There was a great quote by Hesiod in my daily reading: "If you add a little to a little, and then do it again, soon that little shall be much." One meal at a time...
    Day 7: B: macadamia nuts, HFVJ
                L: guacamole, veggies, almond butter on celery sticks
                D: ground beef sauted w asst'd veggies & potato, in tomato sauce, cherries
    Day 8: B: 3 eggs/ghee, HFVJ
                L: macadamia nuts, berries
                D: chicken/veggie/cashew stir fry w Sunshine Sauce (W30 recipe)
    Day 9: B: sweet potato/ghee, HFVJ
                L: veggie/olive salad, apple w cashew butter
                D: ground beef sauted w asst'd veggies & potato, in tomato sauce

    Key points: I am sleeping much better. Night sweats are lessening, and I've not had the nights with a couple hours lying awake which I had often before starting W30. I did, as anticipated from reading the W30 book, have my first food dream, this one about pigging out on a donut (which I rarely eat anyway!). Freaked me out till I became conscious!
    Also, I have almost NO hip ache anymore, which is outstanding. The chronic hip ache was one of my main motivators in doing W30--while chiropractic and massage were improving it, I believe there is a food-related component (inflammation), and that appears to be the case. No doubt more shall be revealed. And I'm finding that my skin doesn't look or feel as dry.
     I am blessed to have a great group of friends who have agreed to support me on this adventure. I am grateful!
     On to Day 10...

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Whole 30: Days 4-6

     So far, so good. Black coffee is really OK. (For background, read the blog entry for Days 1-3.)
     I received The Whole 30 book on the 4th day and it has been invaluable, even though I'm only 40-some pages in. Loads of support and information. (Thanks to my good friend and Whole 30 veteran, Sonya, who answered my text question regarding an ingredient while I was still at the store!)

Day 4: B: 2 eggs/ghee, HFVJ
            L: salad (veg/berries/nuts), applesauce-based dressing, celery w/ cashew butter
            D: chicken salad, sweet potato/ghee, cherries
Day 5: B: Raw cashews, HFVJ
            L: 2 eggs, 1/3# burger, 1/2 avacado, bit of onion
            D: Chicken in tomato sauce, sweet potato/ghee, cherries
Day 6: B: Raw macadamia nuts, HFVJ
            L: Salad (veg/half avacado/berries/cashews)
            D: Chicken salad, sweet potato/ghee, cherries

     Key points: I know about myself that being truly hungry freaks me out on a very deep level. I experienced this the morning of Day 4 before I could eat. Even to the point of sweating profusely. All is well now. I'm finding it's important to keep myself busy so I don't sit around and think about what I'm NOT eating. I played golf on Sunday to get myself out of the house. I do sometimes feel totally worn out, but it passes. There's a great section in The Whole 30 about meal planning, and I'm now doing that several days ahead, which greatly helps with the potential hunger-freakage. Overall I feel good, and I feel good about doing this for my body and spirit.
     I've not been a pop drinker for many years, maybe have a couple root beers a year. I've been a fan of seltzer water for a long time, so I'm glad that's an approved drink.
     Regarding hot flashes/night sweats, they are back, the jury is still out on that. I think my whole body is in a state of "what the hell!??!" and is adjusting beautifully, though maybe not comfortably for me.
     Onward, Day 7.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

A Compulsive Eater does Whole 30: Days 1-3

     I am using the month of June to follow the Whole 30 eating plan. For each 3-day period, I am going to post a blog, 1) to keep myself on plan and accountable, and 2) so that I have a record of what took place & what I ate, along with assorted points of interest. For instance, nearly all canned tuna has soy in it too. I am also a food addict, which makes this "coming extra-clean" even more challenging for me. I have ordered the Whole 30 book, but I'm starting out with website basic info as I don't have the book yet.

     Day 1: breakfast: 2 eggs/ghee, HFVJ (home-made fruit veg juice)
                lunch: guacamole, veggies, cherries, mixed raw nuts
                dinner: chicken salad, sweet potato/ghee, seltzer water
     Day 2: breakfast: 2 eggs/ghee, HFVJ
                lunch: salad (veg/fruit/nuts), homemade dressing made w applesauce
                dinner: chicken salad, sweet potato/ghee, seltzer water, cherries
     Day 3: B: 1 hard-boiled egg, mixed raw nuts, HFVJ
                L: asparagus, sweet potato/ghee, a few nuts
                D: tuna salad, avacado, cherries, a few nuts, seltzer water

     Key points: I can live with black coffee, but I miss my organic cream. I cannot, however, live without coffee. So far, I haven't been really hungry between meals, thank goodness. I have been very prone to hot flashes that wake me up in the night with major sweating. The first night I had four, the second night I had one, the third night I had none! That alone is worth the effort!! Day 3 was a Friday, when I usually look forward to a sweet treat and evening beer. So it was challenging not to have those. Shopping for approved foods has been challenging... every pkg of bacon I looked at, checking several stores, even uncured bacon, has sugar in it. It's kind of depressing how "unclean" most food in some sort of packaging is.
     Onward, Day 4, to the Farmers Market.