Wednesday, December 15, 2021

December 15--Love Requires Faith

Love is an act of faith, and whoever is of little faith is also of little love. 
--Erich Fromm

    Unpacking and laundry are all finished, and I feel settled back at home. Especially nowadays, it is an act of faith to fly to another country for a vacation. I have huge faith that all the pieces necessary for a successful trip fall into place--I guess that's why I love to travel so much. My mantra is "I lead a charmed life, especially when traveling." And so it was in Jamaica.
    Giving one's heart to someone is truly an act of faith. It may be a wonderful experience. It may result in one's heart being stomped upon. We can keep practicing love and faith, or become hardened by unrewarding experiences, lose faith, and therefore forsake the joy of loving. Resilience is key.
    We have to be able to depend upon some sort of inner strength to become vulnerable enough to love. That inner strength is faith in oneself and in Something Bigger that has our backs. It can be our biggest challenge to apply faith and love to ourselves. Yet if we cannot apply it in loving ourselves, there is "little love" to offer anyone or anywhere else.
    Faith and love--a daily practice,

Pansies blooming in Wichita winter

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