Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gratitude for people :)

You might scroll down and read the 6/26/13 post. The intensive weekend was this past weekend in Kansas City, and to say I'm glad I signed up for this program is a gross understatement.
It's an amazing thing that Spirit has orchestrated. This weekend we had the leader, a motivational speaker, the administrative organizer, and 12 participants. I knew the leader somewhat (that's what inspired me to commit), and the rest, I didn't know from Adam. Having spent Friday evening and all day Saturday with them, they are my newest group of best friends.
I did not realize how hungry I was for support, inspiration, and creative love. My cup was filled to overflowing, and the creative juices are flowing! That's a "to be continued..."
We meet next in Florida in September. Say "beach" and I'm there!
I'm grateful how Spirit/love/life has worked through me to make me feel comfortable so quickly in a group of "strangers." It's a powerful feeling of oneness for which I am so thankful.
Who can you open your heart to today?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Any decisions worth reconsidering?

In the 7/9/13 Daily Guide in Science of Mind magazine, Jim Lockard wrote of his experience with three groups of people, annually graded excellent, average or remedial at the skill of shooting (a job requirement). The groups stayed pretty much the same year to year, even though all technically knew how to shoot a gun. “What we found was that each of the three groups had decided that was where they belonged…Once we decide where we belong, all of our skill and effort goes into maintaining that level of performance.” 
Whoa! What an eye-opener for me. What groups have I put myself into membership? 
  • the group that has a “struggle” with money issues
  • the group with a weight "problem" and difficulty losing weight
  • the group with no musical talent

Just to name a few. And, yes, I can see that great mental, emotional and physical energy has gone into maintaining my memberships. I believe I shall reconsider some of my affiliations.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Write poetry? Really?!?!

While poetry is an awesome art form, I must confess, I'm not into it. I have a couple exceptions--I like Rumi and the occasional quote pulled from a poem. I think it takes too much effort to read and write poetry, as opposed to plain, old prose.
That said, I was given the assignment to write about "my journey to enlightenment," preferably as a poem. My first thought was, "Yuck. I can't do that." But I do so love it when Spirit moves through me and does it for me, so I opened to that, and here's what came through:

Done With It!
"You should do more."
The broken record in my head.
Is there no way to stop it?
Will it remain when I'm dead?!?

The Presence of Love
Fills that empty cup inside:
"You are loved beyond imagining!
Relax, just enjoy the ride.

"It's what you are that matters.
No deeds can change My love.
Remember the lilies, My cherished child.
You will always be enough!"

There, I did it (with lots of help from my "Friend"). I won't be quitting my day job to write poetry. Just a reminder that we can always do more than we think we can!
Love to all,