Wednesday, December 29, 2021

December 29--Maintaining Hope

You can do very little with faith, but you can do nothing without it.  --Samuel Butler

    So true and concise! Note as I write this that I'm using this quote as though "faith" is replaced by "hope." I think either word makes the quote a truthful statement.
    Last night my husband and I were discussing 2020, 2021 and having hope, especially relative to the pandemic. As awful as 2020 was, we had hope that 2021 would be better. Well, not so much. Illness still killed thousands more and events were cancelled and/or postponed. Political divisions intensified. In extensions of my own family, word was made known that if one was not vaccinated, one was not to attend celebrations. The lingering Covid virus in all its forms is a huge threat to our hope. 
    I told my husband I still have hope for 2022. This is in part because I avoid the fear-based news as much as possible. I see us humans learning, adapting, and changing for the better, albeit a dreadfully slow process. I'll likely lower my expectations somewhat, for instance relative to travel, but that's not a terrible thing.  
    I'm not letting Covid kill my hope and faith. Hang in there!

I have faith that Fort Collins golf 
will happen in 2022!

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