Monday, December 6, 2021

December 6--It Will Pass Quickly--NOT!

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.  --Albert Einstein

    As we have been floating in the heavenly turquoise ocean, we have been treated to a pelican diving, catching a fish, enjoying the snack, and lifting off. This has happened within 20 feet of us. It is majestic to watch. It is mysterious how the bird zeroes in on the fish, because we don't see them swimming around us.
    This morning I am blogging from the hammock. I am thrilled to see a clear sunny sky because...
    Yesterday began with another lap-swim followed by excellent coffee. I spent the morning floating in the ocean and sunbathing on the beach. Around 12:30 we broke for lunch. We came back out to the beach, got into the ocean, and the rain started. We initially went with the theory that it would blow over quickly. After about 15 minutes of pelting rain, the breeze cooled off enough to chase us out of the water. Thus began a four-hour downpour that soaked everything. Even my straw hat is still soaking wet, because nothing dries around here. It does not feel humid, but it certainly is. I braved the rain to trudge back to our room, showered and hung up all the wet stuff. Then it was off to the hammock for an afternoon of reading while the rain came down. 
    The evening began with two drinks at the martini bar. The menu had probably two dozen different martini options. For dinner, my friend and I elected to order from the menu rather than roam the buffet, so we had long waits for our food. Not a problem, since we love talking about all sorts of things, and we are "on the same page" on so many topics. Plans to go to the fitness center to watch the Chiefs game fizzled when the guys learned there was no alcohol in the area. 
    This may be my most excellent Monday ever!
View from the hammock

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