Sunday, December 12, 2021

December 12--Is It Really Christmas-time?

That's the way things become clear. All of a sudden. And then you realize how obvious they've been all along.  --Madeleine L'Engle

    Wow, I've lived this quote several times in the past few months. I truly think the pandemic has been a big catalyst for this. 
    Let's talk Christmas. I said that I was excited to see the Christmas decorations at the resort in Jamaica. There is the gingerbread house display in the lobby (see photo on Dec 4 post). There are little white lights on a lot of the trees (but those could stay year-round?). There is lighted garland in assorted places. I hear there is a Christmas tree in the lobby now. Several industrious guests brought Christmas lights with them and decorated their balconies and patios--those are really cool. Apparently they do not start decorating in November as we do in the U.S.--duh, they don't have to contend with cold temperatures! 
    I have lived my whole life where there is cold winter and always the possibility of a white Christmas. I confess that I am fairly baffled by the idea of Christmas in a warm place. Being here in Jamaica has given me a renewed appreciation for four seasons, even though I will eventually whine about the cold and extreme heat of home. When I return to Kansas, there will be twelve days until Christmas, so I'll get in the spirit quickly, especially with the chilly weather. 
    I don't think I've mentioned the tree frogs. The horny little bastards chirp all night long. The standing joke around here is that it is a recording, because the frogs are rarely seen. Also note that the windows in our rooms are screens with closeable wood slats and no glass. You can hear ALL outside noise. Fortunately I've been tired enough to sleep through the "frog serenade."
    Last night was our reservations-only dinner at Feathers, the fanciest restaurant at the resort. I had crab cake, salad, rolls, "smashed" potatoes and beef tenderloin, and cheesecake. It was probably the best beef I've ever had. It was a long, luxurious meal for our next-to-last night in Jamaica. 
Great music and harmony singing; 
impressive carrying a stand-up bass along the beach!

Saturday's sunset

It says "One Love" (Bob Marley's Jamaican theme song)

Ready to be spread around the resort

Part of the mural at Feathers

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