Friday, December 28, 2012

Every Day a Blessing

We had a wonderful Christmas and visit with the sons. I had my Christmas cry on Christmas Eve day. I expect I'll have another as the sons leave to return to Colorado, and I clean up the aftermath of Christmas.
While "beam me up, Scotty" would be awesome for personal travel, right now I'd like to use it to put away all the Christmas stuff in the blink of an eye. Something to look forward to!
I am excited about 2013 as well. Travels, good times with family and friends, more basketball and another baseball season (Go, Cubbies!). Life is so good. Please live every day like Christmas, for each one is an awesome blessing!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Christmas Cry

There's lots of emotion for me around Christmas. Being a person who prefers hanging out in my head (logic, etc.), there's some discomfort with an emotional roller coaster. I love Christmas--I've made conscious choices to lessen the stress and appreciate those events that focus on the many wonderful people in my life. I feel very blessed year-round, but especially at Christmas.
My sons moved from Kansas to Colorado this year, and thus have a much longer drive to get home for Christmas. I'm not a worrier, but I'm still a bit concerned about the weather potentials, driving at night, etc. Will they be home next Christmas? Will I be on the planet still next Christmas? These questions put pressure on me to really be enjoying the NOW, THIS Christmas, and am I doing that sufficiently? This kind of "head stuff" makes me crazy.
All that said, my best option for diffusing all these thoughts and emotions is to have the all-out annual Christmas cry. It serves me best to do it before Christmas, as my family really wonders why I would cry on Christmas Day.
I can feel it coming, and I know some blessing will occur to cause the tears to spill out, finally. That's a great thing.
So maybe consider it--a Christmas cry. I'm betting those around you will be glad you did!
Gratefully celebrating the Christ consciousness,

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Don't Blame the Gun

The school shooting in Newtown is definitely a tragedy. I can't imagine the horror of the experience for the children, school personnel and families. However, it's a human tragedy, not a gun tragedy.
Unable to comprehend how such a thing could happen, humans take the easy route and blame the gun, and say we humans shouldn't be allowed to have them. That's like saying if someone is killed in a car accident, we shouldn't be allowed to have cars.
In our Bill of Rights, immediately following freedom of speech and assembly (#1) is the right to keep and bear arms (#2). The right to keep and bear arms is THAT important. There is no greater way to control a people than to prevent them from defending themselves by taking away their arms. This fundamental freedom must be maintained.
Those who want to do damage to other humans will always find a way, so it does absolutely no good to take away guns from people with the intent of preventing such tragedies. It simply does not work. I offer as an example that the bomb detonated by Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City was made primarily from fertilizer. I don't remember an outcry to outlaw fertilizer.
I don't own a gun. I don't care for them or hunting or sport shooting. But I will always defend my right to own one if I choose.
The real issue here is one of mental and spiritual health, a much bigger issue to deal with than a gun. Don't blame the gun!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Not another toy!

Christmas time can be a time of great stress due to gift-giving. Or not.
There are alternatives, if we just give ourselves the gift of slowing down and taking some time to think of other possibilities.
Here's an example: for years I stressed about getting gifts for my 11 great-nieces and great-nephews, wrapping, shipping, etc. At last I realized that this was a fairly meaningless process, because I can promise you, none of those gifts are remembered or in their possession now.
Seven years ago, I decided to stop the Christmas gift giving, and I set up an investment account for their benefit, and invested in it regularly. Each one gets his or her share (1/11th of the account) when they graduate from high school. That process has resulted in gifts of over $2,000 each, way better than the forgotten toys of Christmas. It's so easy for me--I send an annual update to their parents each Christmastime, and I get the thrill of giving a very nice cash gift when one elects to withdraw his or her share.
Let yourself explore the possibilities relative to reducing Christmas stress. It can be done!
Relaxed and lovin' it!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Baggage be gone!

From Eugene Holden: "There is nothing that blocks the emergence of God's perfect world more than hanging on to the past. You see, when we hang on to the past, we are not free to experience what is at hand right now. And what is at hand in this moment is perfection."
We can drag the hurts and negativity of the past around like a suitcase full of rocks. Gee, let's see, who is burdened by that? No one but person with the grip on the suitcase handle. Let's let stuff go.
We can also be burdened hanging onto great stuff from the past, thinking life will never be that good again. With those thoughts, we miss the fact that right now is fabulous, and life keeps on getting better.
There's a lot of pressure at Christmas time to make things "perfect," to fulfill longings of the past. How about starting new traditions, or lightening your activity load, or just considering that there are other options? The past does not need to be a drag on the present. It's our choice!