Monday, November 28, 2016

Let's Hope This is the Bottom

     As I have moved through the grieving process relative to the election, I have placed my focus on the statement, "Love is the only solution." When I'm tempted to drift off into negativity, I just keep repeating, "love, love, love, love." I firmly believe that those of us who are conscious enough to know this as truth have a responsibility to promote love in the world. Those who hate are unconscious.
     I had an exceedingly comforting realization yesterday. I am a recovering addict. As such, I have personally hit, and witnessed many others hit, the "bottom." The bottom is a hellish place. In fact, it is so awful that, finally, the addict decides that changing is now a better option than to continue the addictive behavior. While it's a miserable place to be, it's also a place of hope, a place of choosing to find a better way to live.
     I hope that collectively we (U.S.) have hit bottom. That the racist and religion-inspired hatred (yes, that's an addiction) is having its last hurrah. Yes, it's ugly, but I believe that's not how we want to be as humans, and we'll find a better way. In my own recovery, hitting bottom was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Let's hope that's the case for our country.
     Love, love, love, love,