Monday, December 20, 2021

December 20--Reliability

Be faithful in small things--because it is in them that your strength lies. 
--Mother Teresa

    The vast majority of us are not headed for sainthood, nor do we aspire to such. It is in the routine, day-to-day, small things in life wherein we have the opportunity to make a difference. 
    The quality I value the most in a human being is reliability. The person does what they say they will do. They stick with their commitments. I refer affectionately to the opposite as a "flake." That is a person who is always changing their mind, backing out of promises, someone I know cannot be depended on to follow through. I know that in every human being, myself included, there is both a reliable person and a flake. 
    Reliability is being "faithful in small things." That is a strong personality trait. We all need one or more strong people on whom we can depend, starting with ourselves. 
    Are you faithful in small things relative to yourself? Are your daily diet, exercise, sleep and activities strengthening you or weakening you? 

"Small things" that make us strong

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