Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Bumper Sticker LOL

     I do love reading bumper stickers. They offer everything from great wisdom to total foolishness. Last night I saw a great one that made me laugh out loud.
     This being a presidential election year, you often see stickers touting the person's chosen candidate. They usually include some sort of red/white/blue, stars and stripes, etc. This one had that colorful decoration, but this is what it said: 2016: We're Screwed. Still makes me laugh!
     Hope you find something today that makes you LOL!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Nothing but Angels

This is the Daily Guide (meditation) from Science of Mind magazine for 8/24 written by Rev. Dr. David Ault. I like it so much, I'm offering it here just as written:
     We are perpetual students and the world is our classroom. Profound and necessary learning comes from situations we encounter outside our comfort zones. Within every dialogue, every interaction lie opportunities for us to willingly examine the varied range of subjective perceptions and emotional reactions erupting from us. These encounters are gifts for growth. As Neal Donald Walsh poignantly writes from the perspective of God in his "Conversations with God" book series, "I have sent you nothing but angels."
     Imagine that sentiment as a personal motto--that every individual you have encountered has been an angel on assignment to assist you toward your greater yet to be.
     The classroom of the world would take on a different energy. We would see our relationships as an outpouring of divine order. Holding a grudge, polishing our injustice button or investing in righteous indignation would not consume our energy. Instead, we would review the past and present timeline of our life with a depth of conscious understanding, regretting nothing.
     This freeing revelation is known as living in alignment. When I am aligned with the divine principle of Life, I have no resistance to any lesson, any teacher. When this happens, the gifts of life are free flowing. 
Look, there's an angel!

Sunday, August 21, 2016


     ADIP = Another Day in Paradise. Many folks use this phrase in a sarcastic sense, but I don't. I use it via initials every day in my journaling. This is paradise, should we choose to see it that way. It's merely a choice. The beloved spiritual teacher, Edwene Gaines, says, "Earth is the party planet, didn't you know?" I personally love to subscribe to and live that sentiment.
     Yesterday morning I went to a coffee shop in Fort Collins for a morning brew and to sit quietly and read. As I settled my stuff at the counter by the front window, I noticed slips of paper under the plexiglass countertop with sayings written on them. My eyes landed first on this: We see what we create. Amen and amen! I believe my life keeps getting better and better... ADIP (what I create) and that's what I continue to see... a life that keeps getting better. Another way I often state this is "I lead a charmed life."
     Does all this mean my life is perfect, I never get upset, that no one ever crosses me? Hell, no! Those bumps in the road are my opportunities to practice my creating abilities. Am I creating more suffering for myself in unpleasant situations, or am I choosing to bring myself back to paradise? Response times vary, trust me, but I'm learning.
     "Icing of the cake" of my coffee shop visit: a long-time Chicagoan saw me through the window in my Cubs gear (going to the Cubs-Rockies game) and came in to talk with me and cheer the Cubs on. We had a lovely, joyous conversation. What fun!
     I'm going back to that delightful coffee shop shortly.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Human as Spaceship

See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download
 the highest resolution version available.

This is "Human as Spaceship," the Astronomy Picture of the Day for August 15. ( Here's the Explanation: You are a spaceship soaring through the universe. So is your dog. We all carry with us trillions of microorganisms as we go through life. These multitudes of bacteria, fungi, and archaea have different DNA than you. Collectively called your microbiome, your shipmates outnumber your own cells. Your crew members form communities, help digest food, engage in battles against intruders, and sometimes commute on a liquid superhighway from one end of your body to the other. Much of what your microbiome does, however, remains unknown. You are the captain, but being nice to your crew may allow you to explore more of your local cosmos.

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Friday, August 5, 2016

So Good to Be Home!

     I'm back from my trip. It was glorious. I went with the attitude that I won't likely ever pass through these countries again, so I'm going to enjoy all the eats and drinks they have to offer. And I did. And I paid for it. My hip ached the entire trip. While I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful food and outstanding beer, I was ecstatic to get back to my Whole30 way of eating as of this past Sunday. I am noticing great improvement in my left hip, very little irritation left. All very enlightening.
     One of many fine beers I enjoyed...

Life is good!