Thursday, July 9, 2015

Speaking of Brave... Change

     I'm experimenting with changes in how and what I eat. This is very brave for me, because I'm a recovering food addict and messing with my food is pretty terrifying at a very deep level for me. I've come from a place where food was totally my best friend, and using it enabled me to survive a chaotic childhood. Note that "using food" is not the same as eating for sustenance.
     Getting to this point has been a long journey for me, supplemented enormously by my yoga practice and teaching. I am becoming increasingly willing to make dietary improvements, not because I SHOULD, but because it's the loving thing to do for myself.
     Then there's the rebellious part of me. I will NOT give up __________! I've given up so much already, why do I have to give up something else?!?!?!? I don't know if I can live without ________. Why be on the planet if you can't enjoy one of life's major pleasures--food that tastes good!?!?
     So you can see, bravery and fortitude are called for. We shall see how it works out. Baby steps. All I have to lose is the ache in my left hip, and hopefully some pounds.
     Drinking lots more water,