Thursday, July 29, 2021

July 29--More Please

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.  --Steve Jobs

    Hungry for life. Hungry for experiences. Hungry to love. Hungry to be loved. Hungry to learn. Hungry for wellness. Hungry to use your talents. Hungry for challenges. Hungry for triumphs. 
    Stay foolish. Don't take yourself too seriously. My older son and I talk about playing "goldfish boring golf." Boring golf means that we strive to avoid getting into trouble like deep rough, trees and sand traps. Goldfish means that we have the memory of a goldfish--forget the last shot, good or bad, and focus on the present one. It's a foolish way to remind ourselves that golf is a game. Such is true for all of life, really. 
What are the chances!?!?? 
(Credit: LupiArts on Twitter)

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