Monday, July 26, 2021

July 26--Beauty Within Us

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.  --Ralph Waldo Emerson

    If we don't have beauty within us, we can't see it. I believe we all have the capacity to know beauty, but life may have buried it deep within us. 
    Barney and I are safely back in Wichita, after a beautiful week in Colorado. I have traveled to many parts of the world, and I've enjoyed seeing the beauty of the ultra-rich, such as Hearst Castle, the Crown Jewels of England and fine art at many museums. Equal in beauty, however, were the orphans and their "mother" for whom our mission team built a home in the Watoto's Suubi village in Uganda. It was a simple home to us, but a palace to them. 
    I saw a vehicle decal this week while driving around Colorado. It said, "We Choose Joy." The joy exuding from a human heart is a special kind of beauty. Joys of the week included lots of golfing with my sons, wedding planning discussions, walking the dogs, enjoying the mountains, summertime flowers, napping, shared meals. A beauty overload, for which I am ever so grateful!

Some of the beauty at Cheyenne's Airport Golf Club

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