Tuesday, July 6, 2021

July 6--GO!

Make voyages! Attempt them! There is nothing else.  --Tennessee Williams

    Yoda: "Try not! Do or do not, there is no try." 
    I am often asked if I'm afraid traveling overseas, or if I'm afraid to take long driving trips by myself. I guess I'm not afraid, because I keep doing it. I reply, relative to overseas trips, that it's bad business to kill tourists, so most countries refrain from that. 
    Throughout my adult lifetime, I have made it my quest to visit every major league baseball park. I've worked tours and trips around getting to games. I've bummed help and lodging from family members, bribing them with tickets. I've made new friends. Other than the folks I have met on baseball tours (I've been on two of those), I don't know anyone as nuts about baseball as I am. The Universe has supported me in extraordinary ways to make this quest happen (read the May 14, 2021 post for an example). My life has been so much richer as a result of these adventures. I am so glad I started this quest, and I feel confident in my ability to reach the final six stadiums on my list. 
    I've been a tourist in Europe, Asia, Central American, the Caribbean, Canada. I've helped to build a house in Uganda on a mission trip, followed by a safari. For me, "voyages" make life complete. I would hate to reach the end of life and say I didn't go anywhere on our phenomenally interesting planet. 
    I'm an introvert, and I am perfectly content holed up in the woman cave by myself. I know the reason I love the woman cave so much is because I leave it often to "make voyages." I don't want to be a boring, afraid old person. That's no life. 
    Ready for today's voyages,

How many folks have had their
picture taken with the Phillie Phanatic!?!?!!?

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