Thursday, July 1, 2021

July 1--Adventure!!!

It is good to love the unknown.  --Charles Lamb

    July's theme in "Daily Joy" is adventure. When we were in the child-rearing phase of life, I labeled a trip without the kids a "vacation," and a trip with the kids, an "adventure." 😉😉
    I'm pondering "love the unknown." I love surprises, good ones, at least. I love going to new places. In fact, I rarely go to the same vacation spot more than once. There are too many wonderful destinations to see to repeat. I am forever grateful to my mom for planting the "travel bug" in me. And I love to learn. I'm willing to be a complete rookie for an adventure of learning, as evidenced by my current undertaking of a watercolor class. Walking Barney is an adventure each day--who knows what doggie friends, rabbits, cats, or other critters we may encounter? Really, each new day is unknown, because we all know (ironically) that life can totally change forever in an instant.   
    Some "unknown" is tough to love--illness, injury, relationship challenges, conflict, endings, failure. It isn't easy, but it makes for a peaceful life if I can take the negative unknown as smoothly and easily as the positive unknown. Faith in something bigger than myself is essential, along with remembering that everything has a lifespan. "This, too, shall pass," so either enjoy it, or be of good courage and get through it. 
    Enjoying the adventure of life,

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