Monday, July 12, 2021

July 12--Adventure is LIFE!

Adventure is worthwhile in itself.  --Amelia Earhart

    Clearly Ms. Earhart said that before she left on her last big adventure. She lived and died her belief--good for her!
    What is adventure to you? My first thought of adventure is travel. This year I have a December trip to Jamaica planned. There will be multiple trips to Colorado to visit family, as well as a son's wedding there in October. We have plans to broaden our range of golf courses played into Wyoming. There is a September weekend for golfing in Oklahoma with galpals. I love anticipating such adventures.
    Life is more fun, however, if we can see each day as holding some adventure for us. Otherwise, there's the danger of falling into the "I'll be happy when..." trap. Today's adventures include walking Barney, lap swimming, seeing the doc for the verdict on my knee MRI, running errands for goodies for my upcoming Colorado trip, and teaching Melt and yoga this evening.
    What are we here for, if not adventure!!?!?!?!

   Barney's sprinkler adventure

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