Tuesday, July 13, 2021

July 13--Curiosity is a Must

Life was meant to be lived, and curiosity must be kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life.  --Eleanor Roosevelt

    A lot of things crossed my mental or physical path yesterday. It is truly hard not to turn one's back on life when suffering a serious illness, and likewise seeing a loved one go through such a tough experience. Living life means living through the hard times as well as the good ones (dang it!). 
    Curiosity about my knee aggravation took me back to the doctor for the MRI results. I have two meniscus tears which they don't repair in people "my age." They just snip off the torn part. I don't care for that idea, especially since my knee is improving. When I told the doctor that I had walked over two miles and swam almost a mile that very morning, he said, "I don't think we need to do anything right now." My curiosity is leading me to consider a non-surgical treatment that has worked in the past. A stiff knee isn't going to cause me to turn my back on life. 
    There is an October wedding upcoming in our family, and I will be the "mother of the groom." I have a dear friend who has been anxiously awaiting this so that she can go shopping with me for an appropriate outfit. I'm not fond of clothes shopping, rarely do it, and the whole idea is both too girly-girly and frightening for me. In talking with my shopping friend, I learned that I need to know what the mother of the bride is wearing first, so that I don't get anything too similar, I guess. Given that it's been 35 years since my wedding, and I haven't ever been "mother of the groom" before, there's loads to be curious about. I know the end result will all be great, but it surely is tempting to turn my back on shopping!!! OMG, out of curiosity I just did a google search for "wedding dress mother of groom." Every single dress looks miserably uncomfortable and NOT me. I promise I'll post the end result after the wedding!
    Staying curious and learning,
This is more my style!

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