Tuesday, June 4, 2024

June 4--Artistic Bravery

The ultimate act of bravery does not take place on a battlefield. It takes place in your heart, when you have the courage to honor your character, your intellect, your inclinations and yes, your soul.  --Anna Quindlen

For that is what the world needs: not persons who say prayers from time to time, but persons who are prayer all the time.  --Kallistos Ware

    Bravely living from an open heart places one in prayer all the time. While we may not always be feeling the connection to Spirit, the connection is always on, full power. Being prayer means that we recognize and live that power. It does not require sitting on a meditation cushion for hours at a time or sequestering oneself in a monastery. It is living with kindness toward everyone and everything, and understanding the interconnection of all. 
    A friend asked me to do a small painting project for her. Do something colorful on a 6" tile that sits in a metal frame in her garden. So I had an idea, and I attempted to execute it. This for me is bravery, because mostly in the past I did not like the end result of my ideas. Below is the finished product, and I'm good with it. I was not expecting a Mona Lisa on this small "canvas." I gave it to my friend and she loves it!
    Green Frog Tape is my friend,

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