Wednesday, June 19, 2024

June 19--Some Say Love...

It's the heart afraid of breaking that never learns to dance.  --Xiaolu Guo

    I recognized this quote as a song lyric, and here it is: "The Rose" sung by Bette Midler and written by Amanda McBroom...

… Some say love, it is a riverThat drowns the tender reedSome say love, it is a razorThat leaves your soul to bleed
… Some say love, it is a hungerAn endless aching needI say love, it is a flowerAnd you, its only seed
… It's the heart afraid of breakingThat never learns to danceIt's the dream afraid of wakingThat never takes the chance
… It's the one who won't be takenWho cannot seem to giveAnd the soul, afraid of dyingThat never learns to live
… When the night has been too lonelyAnd the road has been too longAnd you think that love is onlyFor the lucky and the strong
… Just remember in the winterFar beneath the bitter snowsLies the seed that with the sun's loveIn the spring becomes the rose

    If you click on the title/link above, you can listen. You may cry. I did.

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