Tuesday, November 28, 2023

November 28--Feeling Strong

I read somewhere how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong . . . but to feel strong.  --Jon Krakauer

    Here are some insights I gained from my recent two-week visit with my brother who lives in the care home. I feel strong--I'm healthy, active, and I don't even remotely feel my age of 68, though there may have been folks living there who are younger than me. I'm not "old"! But yes, in fact, I am. I have gray hair and wrinkles just like the residents.
    It takes huge strength to be the primary person responsible for the affairs of a resident. My niece is that person for her father, and it is a heavy load. She is a strong badass, though I know there are times when she does not feel strong. 
    There is a certain level of tension involved in taking my brother on an adventure, because I surely wouldn't want him falling "on my watch." The relief of having him back safely in his room is visceral. Having several successful trips away from the home gives me strength for the next one. 
    I am super-motivated to keep moving. My brother's decline began in earnest when he was no longer able to walk longer distances. To keep moving makes me feel strong. 
Christmas beauty at the 
Stan Hywet Manor House, Ohio

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