Thursday, November 23, 2023

November 23--Love It All

Do your best and trust that others do their best. And be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.  --Mother Teresa

    I offer here from Richard Rohr's Daily Meditation (Nov 19) a list of the great chain of being. This was the medieval metaphor for ecology before we spoke of ecosystems.

Link 1: The firmament/Earth/minerals within the Earth
Link 2: The waters upon the Earth (snow, ice, water, steam, mist)
Link 3: The plants, trees, flowers, and foods that grow upon the Earth
Link 4: The animals on the Earth, in the skies, and in the seas
Link 5: The human species, capable of reflecting on the other links
Link 6: The heavenly realm/Communion of Saints/angels and spirits
Link 7: God/the Divine Realm/the Mystery that creates a universe as such, which needs a Center, Source, and Ground for any coherence.

Such a graphic metaphor held all things together in an enchanted universe. If we could not see the sacred in nature and creatures, we soon could not see it at all.

    On this Thanksgiving Day, let us see the sacred everywhere, and honor our fabulously supportive Mother Earth!

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