Friday, November 17, 2023

November 17--Good and Strong

Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others. 

A tree gives glory to God by being a tree.  --Thomas Merton

    I wanted to share the Merton quote to remind us that our ultimate is simply being the unique human each of us is. YOU give glory to God by being YOU. I give glory to God by being ME. 
    I celebrate our human uniqueness. I want to shout my appreciation for the staff at the care home where my brother resides. In memory care, they are dealing with a volatile population. They work hard and care deeply. Just yesterday one of the staff handled a situation that was quite embarrassing, yet it was "all in a day's work" to her. Another taught this rookie how to insert my brother's hearing aids properly. I could not do their jobs. They are "good actions" on steroids. 
    I am exploring a new adventure in life. With a tip from a fellow pickleball player, I have applied at the Kansas College of Osteopathic Medicine to be a simulated patient. I've had a phone interview, and in a couple weeks I'll have a tour of the school and an in-person interview. I have a relatively small idea of what I'm getting into, but it sounds like fun. It is also an answer to my prayer for new options to use my time. 
    Happy Friday!
Those aren't leaves, they are berries--
quite glorious!

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