Thursday, November 16, 2023

November 16--Kindness is a Better Tool

You can accomplish by kindness what you cannot by force.  --Publilius Syrus

    I wish the Russians and Israelis and all associated parties would operate on that sentiment. Clearly force is not good for anyone involved. Why are we still killing each other!?!?!?!!?
    Yesterday started with another glorious early morning swim. The sun shines directly down my lane, so I see swirling rainbows of color on the bottom of the pool. Swimming with rainbows... can't beat that. Plus there is an even warmer therapy pool that I can roam in after lap swimming, making all my hard-worked muscles go "aaahhhhhh!" 
    I took my brother to lunch and a 12-step meeting. He has been a member in the area for decades, so there were plenty of folks happy and surprised to see him. The meeting was on prayer and meditation (Step 11), so it was a lovely reminder for me how essential those practices are for recovery. 
    I also brought my brother over to his daughter's house in the evening for "Taco Wednesday," where two of her sons joined us. Great family fun and banter ensued. I took my brother back to his "apartment," thereby escaping the cleanup and dish-washing chores. 😉 A couple more rounds of Rummikub finished off another excellent day. 
    So happy to be here, 

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