Wednesday, August 30, 2023

August 30--Move, Move, Move

Nothing happens until something moves.  --Albert Einstein

    Einstein could safely say this about science and the physics of the Universe, but also as a general life principle. 
    I like to wonder about things. I'm a math nerd, but I don't remember any of the "higher" math I learned in school (except geometry, that was my favorite--remember I used the term "nerd"). My wondering the other day while swimming laps was this. The sun is moving through space. The earth is spinning and moving around the sun once a year. The moon is not spinning but it is moving around the earth about once a month. How was anyone able to figure out where the moon would be so that we could shoot a spaceship to land there!??!!?! It's a small target in the vastness of space. Like so many things, I am so grateful that there are folks out there who are much smarter than I am and using (moving!) their talents. 
    Keep moving!

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