Tuesday, August 22, 2023

August 22--Don't Worry About It

Don't worry about it. The right thing will come at the right time.  --Danielle Steel

    "Don't worry about it." Holy cow, I need to hear that and to chant it over and over as a mantra. I would say that I am generally not a worrier, but worrisome things have been a bit overwhelming lately. Most distressing is my brother's health situation a thousand miles away from me. He's in rehab, which appears to be the "right thing at the right time." I'm concerned for his children having to deal with the situation. 
    I am well aware that worrying does not help anything, that it is focusing one's thoughts in the wrong direction. It's a constant practice to drag my imaginings away from troublesome, frightening outcomes. I have a multitude of great manifestations to remind me that all is in divine order whether or not I can see that order. It's a good practice for me to take a momentary break with a deep breath and remind myself that Something Bigger Than Me is in charge. 
August is the right time for magnificent 
Palisade peaches from Colorado...
candy from Mama Earth 😍

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