Tuesday, August 1, 2023

August 1--Gratefully Home

Beautiful things are difficult.  --Plato

    Hopefully during July our patience levels rose to new heights, and now in August we focus on the theme of encouragement.
    I am home from the Arizona golf trip. An excited smiling Barney-dog love-licked me, his way of saying "welcome home, Mom!!!" My sweet husband welcomed me home with a lovely pasta and salad supper. The pasta sauce was made from our garden-grown tomatoes--fresh, whole, yummy!
    After two weeks of nothing but fun, being back home for "re-entry" is a challenge. There is paperwork to catch up on, commitments to fulfill, and the regular exercise routine to reestablish. I encourage myself to take it easy. What is the next thing in front of me? Take care of that, then move on to the next thing. I can easily get overwhelmed if I drift into the land of "all the things I have to do." 
    First mission--an early morning walk with Barney. 

One of our much-enjoyed 
eating establishments in AZ

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