Sunday, August 27, 2023

August 27--A Waste? I Think Not.

Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.  --Auguste Rodin

    I love going to estate sales. Is that an essential part of life? No. I simply enjoy them. Just seeing the house is part of the fun. It may be a grand home with expensive stuff and beautiful artwork in a lovely setting, or it may be a former hoarder's paradise. Sometimes I find small treasures. Occasionally I make a great score (like the Miele vacuum). I've found a lot of useful craft materials at sales. What I always come home with is the reminder that I do not need more stuff just to have more stuff. That's using the experience wisely. 
    Some might consider my painting efforts a waste of time. I'll never be a rich, famous artist (this is mainly because I have no desire to be a rich, famous artist). However, I have learned that some form of creativity has to be active in my life to keep me sane. Painting opens my spirit like few other things can, and it pushes me "outside my box." 
    Then there's baseball. I spend hours each week watching the Cubs. Waste of time? Sometimes. But my love of baseball has taken me to 30 cities, on fabulous trips, meeting lovely people--the quest of a lifetime. I feel that I've used my passion for baseball very wisely. 
    Let us ENJOY however we use our precious time,

From an early acrylic workshop...

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