Tuesday, January 31, 2023

January 31--Plenty to Explore

There is a great deal of unmapped country within us.  --George Eliot

    Let's consider all four "countries" within us--physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We are one whole unit. These aspects cannot truly be separated, but I'm going to play with them. 
    Our physical bodies, while we have learned so much, are still a source of great mystery. Consider how two cells coming together in a uterus eventually become heart, lung, big toe, etc--a brand new human. I teach the Melt Method, which works with the connective tissue (fascia) throughout our bodies. It has only been in the past two to three decades that its importance in our body has become known, and it is our stability system--it literally holds our bodies together. We obviously don't have cures for everything (even the common cold!!), so there is plenty of unmapped country there. 
    Emotional country is endless, ranging from those who prefer not to have any sort of emotion to those who live for the emotional drama of life. The range of emotions available to us is staggering. Part of our upbringing is learning how to control our emotions and express them in constructive ways. Emotional outbursts were discouraged in my home growing up, so much of my adult life has been spent exploring my unmapped emotional country. Note: I've found some scary places and survived. 
    Experts say we use only a small percentage of our mental abilities, so there's plenty more mapping to do there. Learning keeps us going and growing. The pace of invention seems to be accelerating so rapidly, and I love that. 
    Our spiritual realm, consciousness, is as big as the Universe. I'm thinking it will take all of eternity to map infinity 😉😉 Our DNA is multi-dimensional, much more complex than we currently comprehend. From the tiniest parts of the physical body to the most expansive thoughts in mass consciousness--that's a lot of country to map. 
    I'm thinking no one ought to ever get bored!

I could spend many happy hours in that chair!!

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