Monday, January 2, 2023

January 2--How Many Angels?

What you have to do is work with the raw material you have--namely you--and never let up.  --Helen Gurley Brown

    "Know thyself" is a never-ending exploration. 
    Back to my current theme of one's own set of angels... I believe that we are never alone, that there is a divine presence enfolding us at all times. "Angel" is an easy way for me to envision this presence in my mind. I like the idea of a set of them. I get into situations that require them to consult with each other on the best way to support me. There are more experienced angels in my set that can guide the rookies into the best way of caring for me. It's a team effort. The bigger the team, the more powerful. Given the infinite nature of the Universe, I can have as many angels in my set as I want. They have been with me since conception (at least). It's a good thing they are plugged into an infinite energy source, because I expect there have been some very tiring times getting me to this "youngster" age of 67. 
    How many angels would you like in your set? 

No, I did not take this photo.
It's from google images and 
I think it is a hoot!

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