Wednesday, January 11, 2023

January 11--YOU Are an Angel!

Suddenly you find--at age fifty, say--that a whole new life has opened before you... as if a fresh sap of ideas and thoughts was rising in you.  --Agatha Christie

    I think that if we started seeing angels hanging around, specifically in our airy-fairy heavenly concept of them, that we'd get freaked out, suspecting Armageddon or something. Therefore, our ever-wise angels have to use us humans to stand in for them. And more therefore, YOU have been an angel at least once in your life, probably even hundreds of times. 
    Changing the names to protect these earthly angels, here's my story... On Tuesday night I had an event planned at Place A. This was graciously arranged by friend Esmeralda. Late Monday night, Esmeralda called to tell me that she had just received notice that Place A had water-damage, was being repaired and was not available Tuesday night. Esmeralda was very bummed. I elected to remain calm and know there was a solution. Normally such a happening would cause me to sleep very poorly. Before going to sleep, I addressed my set of angels, "You don't need to sleep, but I do. Work this out for me. Thanks!" I slept very well. 
    Early Tuesday morning (day of event), I had this strong nudge to simply email the group signed up to attend the event to see if anyone of them might have any suggestions. Within minutes, angel-in-human-form Gladys offered her workspace, Place B, and it turned out to be perfect. We had a fun time and accomplished all I intended. 
    Dang! My set of angels does GOOOOOOD work!

A Jamaican Christmas tree angel

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