Thursday, January 5, 2023

January 5--Others Have Angel Sets, Too

Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.  --St. Francis of Assisi

    I really like the Saint's words. "Impossible" is too big a leap for me at the moment, but I can manage what is "necessary." I can even apply this sentiment to cleaning: get the necessary basics done, maybe add a few more things, and voila!--the impossible--the house is clean for a few nanoseconds. Alas, I think the Saint was probably speaking of something more profound than house-cleaning!
    Back to angels... Obviously I am not the only human with a set of angels. Everyone has a set. Worrying about my younger son snowboarding is what put me on this theme. Let his set of perfectly competent angels watch over him. But how do I know his set of angels are perfectly competent? I have to trust that ALL angels are excellent at what they do, backed 100% by the Source of all creation. I think that's as good as it can get!
    There are so many potential worries: my husband when he's biking; the fragile new life of my grandson; my brother with his mobility and health issues; friends and family members distressed in some way. I am fully aware that my worrying does not contribute any good to any situation, but that doesn't always stop me from worrying. The reminder that each one has his/her own set of perfectly competent angels is comforting, and let's me set them free, at least for a while.
    Thanks, angels, for caring for the ones I love!

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