Sunday, January 8, 2023

January 8--Is It Crowded?

If you are offered a seat on a rocket ship, don't ask what seat! Just get on. 
--Sheryl Sandberg

    I love this quote! Just say "yes." That's how I've had two fabulous December vacations in Jamaica the past two years, and many other wonderful travels. 
    A fair number of folks need scientific proof before they are willing to believe. I prefer the heart-wisdom/gut-feel evaluation process. It takes courage to operate this way, rather than waiting for definitive, comforting certainty. It is the "just get on" approach to life--see where the ride takes me.
    In our house, there are three sets of angels--mine, my husband's, and Barney's. Yes, I believe our dog Barney has his own set--who do you think orchestrates all the adoptions?!?!?! 😉😉 So in any given house, there is a set for each person and each pet. And, heaven only knows, there may be more (for each houseplant?!!?!!) 
    The question then becomes "How do angel sets interact?" With all creation being one unified whole, maybe it's just one super-big glob of angels. But then when I head out the door, my angels need to go with me. But then they are everywhere all the time! (See how mind-wobbling this can be!?!!) I'm thinking angels are better at cooperation than their humans are. Likewise, with infinite resources and a much larger perspective, they have a better concept of divine order than we humans can see with our very limited vision. 
    Let's enjoy the idea of infinite angel love and wisdom filling our homes. 

By Paul Noth

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