Monday, January 9, 2023

January 9--Road Trip!

You are the one and only ever you.  --Nancy Tillman

    We take a one-day break from the "set of angels" theme. 
    A sporting event is an excellent place to see the variety and uniqueness of humans. A friend and I went to the OKC Thunder/Dallas Mavericks NBA game last night. From the fittest of athletes on the floor to the most couch-potato fan to the wildly-excited little kids, it is a sea of individuals of infinite variety. What fun!
    Alas, the reason I wanted to come to this game (and true for many others) was to see Luka Doncic play for the Mavs. He was out due to an ankle injury. Bummer. But the Thunder won, and that's good for that often-struggling very young team. 
    Happy to be me, happy to have the first road trip of 2023!

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