Saturday, January 1, 2022

January 1--Thanks, 2021. Let's go, 2022!!

And now let us welcome the new year--full of things that have never been. 
--Rainer Maria Rilke

    January's theme in "Daily Joy" is renewal. Heading into the new year, I like to review and thank the previous year. You may wonder if I simply remember all this stuff. Actually, it comes from a review of my Win List. That's a daily note of all the good/blessings/joys in my life. Writing my Win List is part of my daily spiritual practice. Here are the 2021 items of note...

==Completed my sixth year of tax prep work. 
==MELT and yoga classes were via Zoom only through May. In June I went back to the Clearwater Wellness Center for in-person classes and continued Zooming.
==Completed MELT Method Level II training online.
==In October I marked the 10-year anniversary of completing Forrest Yoga Teacher Training. 

==Son Derek and Caila moved into their new home in Wellington, Colorado in April. It is roomy and a great place to stay for us parents. I spent a full week with them twice during the summer/fall, testing out longer stays in hopes of one day being a grandma. 
==They were married in a magnificent outdoor ceremony in Colorado in October. Dear friend Lanie saved the day by doing wedding outfit shopping with me. I'm pleased to say that I did not cry during the mother-son dance, done to "Days Like This" by Van Morrison.
==My husband and I celebrated our 35th anniversary in April.
==Sister-in-law Mickey passed in October after a many-years challenge with cancer. 
==We had another great Christmas together at Derek's home in Wellington.

==There were several visits to Colorado including my favorite activity--golfing with my sons. 
==May included a driving trip back east for a great-niece's wedding near Philadelphia. Saw lots of family members, played golf with my nephew at his gorgeous (difficult!) country club, drove through the area of PA where I grew up. Hiked my favorite spot on earth--Alan Seeger Natural Area in central PA. Visited my college roommate--first time we had seen each other in person in decades. 
==I added the Washington Nationals stadium to my MLB quest list--took the train from Philadelphia to Washington, went to the afternoon game (restricted attendance due to Covid) and returned to Phila on the train. An exhausting but FUN day!
==I went on two out-of-town golf weekends with one of my leagues. Didn't golf that well, but had great fun with girlfriends.  
==I enjoyed in early December a fabulous 10 days of relaxation with friends at the Couples Swept Away resort in Jamaica. I shall return!

==Completed my 24th consecutive year of swimming over 100 miles.
==Hip replacement recovery has been excellent. I was cleared for golf and all other activities in February. I had successful physical therapy to strengthen my left leg and hip.
==Received two vaccination shots plus the booster with minimal reactions.
==So far our whole family has escaped a Covid illness except our younger son, who had it in September but recovered fully.

==Barney kept us moving with twice-daily walks. He makes us laugh and his goofy antics never get old. 

==Learned how to be treasurer of the Business Women's Golf League. 
==Felt huge relief getting the nutcase Trump out of the White House.
==When it rains, it pours... we replaced our furnace, AC, water heater and dishwasher all in the first quarter of 2021.
==We have a new neighbor who twice in 2021 brought by a gift of a dozen home-made egg rolls. 
==Dear friend Blanche passed in June.
==Took a (very challenging) watercolor class at City Arts in the summer. 
==We ordered and are awaiting arrival of a new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, making our trips to Colorado more comfy. We will be going there a lot more often because the very best item of 2021...

I am going to be a GRANDMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rock on!

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