Sunday, January 23, 2022

January 23--How Good!?!?!

Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.  --Marianne Williamson

    I often invite my yoga classes to think of three things they are thankful for, and not just the usual "family, friends, home" answers. I offer the example of our sewer system. I am extremely thankful for that as we would be in a world of hurt without it. We take for granted that we can simply flush the toilet and off goes the waste. 
    How about these items:
  • We can go buy gas easily to take us wherever we want to go.
  • Our traffic system (lights, round-abouts, directional signs, highways, etc.) moves a lot of people with relatively few incidents.
  • We have an amazing variety of goods available to us in grocery and retail stores.
  • We always have a choice. 
  • We can learn how to do virtually anything with the help of the internet. 
  • We have free time and infinite possibilities to use it, rather than having to spend every waking minute on survival. 
  • Trees that appear lifeless in winter redecorate themselves each spring with new growth and colorful leaves.
  • Life is full of an extraordinary array of color.
  • We open the tap and voila! water flows. 
  • Air is free and we can breathe as much as we want. It is a blessing to be able to breathe on our own power. 
  • We have instant means of communication around the world.
  • We are blessed with people who grow and ship our food to stores.
  • Life would be much less grand without that morning cup of coffee. 😉😉
    I feel JOY-full!!

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