Wednesday, January 19, 2022

January 19--Forgiveness = Freedom

Without forgiveness, there is no future.  --Desmond Tutu

    Because without forgiveness, we live in a state of anger, resentment and vengeance. There is no good future, neither individually nor collectively, for folks living in that state. There will always be a desire for retribution. We need look no further than our current U.S. political system for a perfect example. The January 6 Capitol riot was a glaring demonstration.
    Forgiveness takes some work. It is considerably easier to hang onto "You done me wrong!" than it is to forgive, let go and move forward. The long term effects of not forgiving are devastating. As individuals, the offender gets to live in our heads rent-free. That's wasted energy that could be put to more productive use. Collectively, if we don't figure out how to forgive and move forward in our country, Mr. Tutu is correct, "there is no future." 
    I've done a LOT of forgiveness work in my lifetime. It hasn't been easy, but the end result is an inner peace and a relationship with Something Bigger that is priceless to me. 
    My bet's on Love,

Let those hurts flow away like
 "water under the bridge"

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