Sunday, January 2, 2022

January 2--You Are Here

Just where you are--that's the place to start.  --Pema Chodron

    When you consider it, there's nowhere else to start from. The past is done, and you can't start something in the future. It's now or never. 
    The new year is the most tempting time to make resolutions to change behavior, break habits, start a new thing. As a many-decades YMCA member, I've seen annually the "newly resolute" show up the first week or so and then fade back into old habits. 
    To accomplish any sort of goal, I'm using two helpful reminders: baby steps and one day at a time. At the moment, I'm heavier than I care to be. My baby steps are not bringing beer and sweets into the house. I don't have to double my exercise schedule or go on a diet. I'm confident that the small changes will take care of the discomfort, and I can do them one day at a time. I'm not swearing off beer and cookies for eternity. 
    Keeping it simple,

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