Wednesday, January 26, 2022

January 26--Passionate Enough?

Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things. 
--Denis Diderot

    I have tended to be a list maker. I like to complete tasks and check them off in short order. Multi-day, -week, or -month tasks tend to annoy me. I like to get stuff done! Hobbies like crocheting and painting have taught me patience with my get-'er-done tendencies. Sometimes a good thing takes a while. 
    My current great passion is completing the Lego puzzle my son gave me for Christmas. I am a fanatic lover of Legos, and this truly is a "perfect gift." Puzzles are a challenge for me in that I can't get them done quickly. I have to really love the scene to maintain the passion to assemble it. I find that puzzle assembly is meditative--I don't think about matters other than "where this piece goes." This one is teaching me to look very closely and discern--each face is different, some dramatically, some ever-so-slightly. 
    I'm not sure that completion of this puzzle falls in the category of "great things," but I do feel great passion toward finishing it. I will NOT let it beat me, even though it make take me much of this year to get-'er-done. The finished product will be framed, I promise.
    I still LOVE Legos!

So far...

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