Sunday, January 30, 2022

January 30--Symphony of the Heart

Look inside. That way lies dancing to the melodies spun out by your own heart. This is a symphony. All the rest are jingles.  --Anna Quindlen

    Sometimes it is a challenge to separate the symphony from the jingles, the important from the unimportant. I rely frequently on the Serenity Prayer. Is the circumstance something I can change? If so, do I have the courage or gumption to change it? If not, can I peacefully accept it? In other words, am I attempting to mess with something that is not mine to mess with? Yes, that happens!
    Have you ever had a jingle get stuck in your head and drive you nuts? That's the outside world and all its opinions, theories and suggestions trying to sway you away from the knowing symphony that is your heart wisdom. I believe we all have an inner knowing relative to what is best for us in every circumstance. Alas, it is too easy to get distracted by the "jingles." Accessing that inner wisdom is just another one of life's daily practices. 

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