Friday, January 21, 2022

January 21--Use Your Imagination!

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. 
--Albert Einstein

    This quote makes me think of Walt Disney, the fantasy worlds he created and the "empire of imagination" that exists today as his legacy. 
    I had a project. I wanted to dress up the front of a beach cover-up (for when I return to Jamaica--how's that for imagining!!). Logic told me to go to the fabric store, buy a cute patch of some sort, and sew it on. So off I went. Alas, there were no cute patches and those available were all iron-on (logically easier) which would not work on my garment. I roamed the fabric aisles and found some colorful fabric to "do something with." I knew my imagination would provide a solution. I thought about assorted possibilities over a few days, but nothing "clicked." What I really wanted was a flower. Pondering that in my imagination, I realized I could sew one. Then as bonus fun, I found butterfly buttons to attach it to the cover-up. Project completed (see below), thanks to my imagination (and some sewing skills, thanks, Mom!). 
    Imagination is more fun than logic,

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