Sunday, September 26, 2021

September 26--Texas is Troubling

Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.  --Helen Keller

    I want to offer hopeful view for the future, so here are the words of Patricia Pearce titled "The Mind's Lone Star State": 

I know many of us may be deeply troubled by what is happening in the state of Texas. I’d like remind us that this world is a form of dream, and if we look at these events from that understanding we can see how they can help us in our awakening if we are willing to allow it. So let us do some dream work.

As you know, Texas calls itself the Lone Star State. It places a high value on autonomy and individualism, takes great pride in being big, and sees itself as set apart from the rest of the nation.

In a dream, all characters and all elements represent an aspect of the self. In this sense, “Texas” symbolizes an inner state, a state of mind, in which the self believes itself to be alone in this universe, able to set itself apart from the Reality of Union. This, of course, is an impossibility. Nonetheless, the mind has inhabited this illusion of separateness and created a world based upon it.

Consciousness on the planet, though, is now undergoing a profound shift in which the idea of a “lone” anything is coming to an end. This is causing great fear in those who are deeply identified with the consciousness of the past.

Subjugation and Exclusion

In this “Texas” dream scenario we see two things happening: the attempt to subjugate the Feminine and control the Feminine’s power to bring forth life, and the attempt to suppress the right to vote, especially by those on the margins of society.

Yet this is exactly what humankind has done for millennia during the patriarchal era: subjugated the Feminine, excluded the “other.”

The present “Texas” dream scenario is helping us all by bringing to the surface these thought-patterns that have been held deeply in the collective mind so that they can be seen clearly, acknowledged honestly, and released completely.

All of these events now playing out in this “Texas” dream are born of fear. If the Feminine principle were not on the rise, there would not be such a desperate attempt to control and suppress it. If the collective mind, the collective consciousness, had not already chosen to “vote” in new ways, choosing a new reality for itself, there would not be such a desperate attempt to keep people from the “polls.”

And yet there is something else happening in "Texas:" groundbreaking research into vulnerability and shame (see the work of Brené Brown) which can help open the way for a human future that is free from the debilitating need to be "self-sufficient" and "invincible."

Awakening in the Dream

So the question is, what do we do with this information? How can we open fully to what this “Texas” dream is offering us? How can we become lucid characters in this collective dream? How can we embody the New in the midst of so much unconsciousness and fear?

First of all, understand that “Texas” is not an enemy. The idea of enemy exists only in the ego-mind (in truth, there are no enemies) and what we are witnessing is simply the patriarchy and ego’s last stand.

Secondly, rather than seeing this as an external drama playing out, take a moment to look inward to find the inner “Texas.” Acknowledge that there is a self within you that believes and experiences itself to be a “lone star,” living in fear of the “other.”

Thirdly, love that part of you that has suffered so terribly under this illusion of separateness. Hold in compassion the aspect of yourself that is so terrified of the Feminine Power within you—your own capacity to generate life and to co-create with the infinite Universe. Be gentle with this fearful “lone star” self that is so afraid of the epic transformation that is occurring on the planet. There is no need to mess with this little "Texas" self. There is only a need to bless it.

Finally, as much as they may frighten us, be grateful that these patterns are coming to the surface now in order to give us all the opportunity to recognize them in ourselves and release them.

When you do all of this you are already changing the dream. You are already weakening the collective mind’s allegiance to its idea of separateness. You are already making of yourself a portal through which Love can shine, bringing Its peace to a fearful world.


    We all have our inner work to do to bring about a world that works for everyone. 

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