Saturday, September 25, 2021

September 25--Are You Wishing Upon a Star?

Great minds have purposes; others have wishes.  --Washington Irving

    I'm heading out this morning on a two-day golfing adventure. I'm excited to play a new-to-me course and hang out with good golfing buds. Being honest, I'll have to say that I am an "other" wishing I will play well. A great mind full of purpose may get me into trouble and frustration. I'm better off golfing with the mind of a goldfish, needing always to forget the last shot, be it good or bad. 
    "Purposes" implies to me that the great minds are actually doing something to accomplish their goals, as opposed to the others "wishes" which amount to day-dreaming and no constructive action. I'm all for imagining. After all, everything starts as a thought. I feel certain in saying that many more thoughts have floated off as wishes than every became anything concrete. Great minds with purposes have brought us all the conveniences of modern life, and I am grateful.
    F-O-R-E!! (Just kidding, I can't hit a golf ball far enough to scare anyone. I wish!!!!)

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