Friday, September 10, 2021

September 10--Live and Learn

The only source of knowledge is experience.  --Albert Einstein

    Amen! I've always wondered how a youngster fresh out of college could become a life coach or counselor, when they have so little real-life experience. I would also say that age alone does not a counselor make. Experience is the key. 
    We learn so much from our experiences, not the least of which is empathy. Once you've suffered pain, illness, surgery, loss of a loved one, addiction, and so on, you know what these things involve and can appreciate what others are experiencing. As my muscular mobility declined with my ever-disintegrating hip joint, I gained a better understanding of body movement and was more aware of how other folks could or could not move. This is quite helpful for a yoga teacher. Now I know about life with an artificial joint. For instance, I have to take antibiotics before I go to the dentist, as any sort of infection would mean disaster for the titanium joint. This is forever. Who knew!?!?! One of the most powerful things I learned from my successful hip replacement was how much life energy went into dealing with the pain before I agreed to have surgery. Chronic pain is life-consuming, and I get it now--I've experienced it.
    Below is a photo of my writing experience this morning. My knowledge gained is that cool air is incredibly glorious, coffee is the staff of life, dogs are curious angels, and in this moment, as always, I am awesomely blessed. 
The Rockies are off to the left, 
shrouded in a smoke haze.

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