Thursday, September 23, 2021

September 23--The Choice to Live in Joy

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it.  --Helen Keller

    If we weren't so good at overcoming suffering, this world would quickly become an overwhelmingly horrible place. I've seen plenty of suffering in my lifetime, but I've also seen the incredible resilience of human beings. I am encouraged by our seemingly infinite "keep on keeping on" attitude. 
    We choose to live in suffering (hell now), or we choose to live in joy (heaven now). I offer these words by Richard Rohr in response to the question, "What might a joyful mind be?":
  • When your mind does not need to be right.
  • When you no longer need to compare yourself with others.
  • When your mind can be creative, but without needing anyone to know.
  • When you can live in contentment with whatever the moment offers.
  • When your mind does not need to be in charge but can serve the moment with gracious and affirming information.
  • When your mind follows the intelligent lead of your heart.
  • When your mind is curious and interested, not suspicious and interrogating.
  • When your mind does not “brood over injuries.”
  • When your mind does not need the future to be better than today.
  • When your mind can accept yourself as you are, warts and all.
  • When your mind does not divide and always condemn one side or group.
  • When your mind can critique and also detach from critique.
  • When your mind can wait, listen, and learn.
  • When your mind can live satisfied without resolution or closure.
  • When your mind can forgive and actually “forget.”
  • When your mind doesn’t need to complain or worry to get motivated.
  • When your mind can find God in all things.
    Joy works for me!

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